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The Dreaming — Circle in Time The Dreaming — Wind Talker I Had Rather Die Ever Your Servant The Dreaming — Walks Through Mist Whispers Through Time Whispers from the Grave Glory & Promise Honor & Glory Promise & Honor Gilded
[The Dreaming - Circle in Time] [The Dreaming - Wind Talker] [I Had Rather Die - Rape in the Civil War] [Ever Your Servant] [The Dreaming - Walks Through Mist] [Whispers from the Grave] [Whispers from the Grave] [Glory & Promise] [Honor & Glory] [Promise & Honor] [Gilded]
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[The Dreaming - Circle in Time]
The Dreaming — Circle in Time
by Kim Murphy.
After her closest friend, Meg, suffers a heartbreaking miscarriage, seventeenth-century cunning woman Phoebe uses her knowledge from her visit to the twenty-first century to save Meg from blood loss. As Phoebe's husband Wind Talker recovers from donating his blood, she has a vision of him vanishing before her eyes, driving fear into her heart.

Haunted by the massacre of his tribe, Wind Talker becomes a liaison between the Native people and the English. His negotiations backfire when he is captured by the colonists and sentenced to die.

Phoebe and Wind Talker separately enter the misty world of “the dreaming” for answers, but their journey leads them through a turbulent circle in time. Are they destined to repeat the past? Or can time be changed?

Circle in Time is the third book in the Dreaming series, following the award-winning Walks Through Mist and Wind Talker.

[The Dreaming - Wind Talker]
The Dreaming — Wind Talker
by Kim Murphy.
Seasoned police detective Lee Crowley investigates the scene of a partially buried skeleton. A forensic anthropologist determines the remains to be over 200 years old. Reconstruction of the face verifies the skeleton to be Native American—and a mirror image of Lee.

Lee's wife Phoebe is a cunning woman from the seventeenth century. She guides him through the misty world of “the dreaming.” She gives him an arrowhead made by his long dead father, and Lee is haunted by his mother's murder. Will the series of strange events connect him with his past? Or will he discover the skeleton was in fact—himself?

Wind Talker is the sequel to the award-winning Walks Through Mist, the first book in The Dreaming series.

[The Dreaming - Walks Through Mist]
I Had Rather Die — Rape in the Civil War
by Kim Murphy.
"A meticulously documented and gut-wrenching account of the gratuitous acts of violence against women's bodies, black and white, slave and free, young and old... A major work of scholarship that was long overdue, and that all historians should be grateful for."

—Susan Brownmiller, author, Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape.

[Ever Your Servant]
Ever Your Servant or How retail really sucks
by K.A. Corlett.
Imagine Anne Rice being trampled by the cast of Are you being Served?

Joelle Lachance works with the terminally banal. That is, she runs the Health Food Shop at Weatherstons Department Store. Patriarchy, incompetence, lowbrow politics? All in a day's work–until Maximillien Lambert darkens her door.

Max is tall, pale, and colder than burial ground in January. He owns Weatherstons' new Cyber Café, but he's far more interested in Joelle than he is in hard drives. When Joelle starts having nightmares, she's sure Max has something to do with it. Hardware Manager Geraint McKellar is suspicious, too: why is Max offering meditation lessons to Weatherson staff? After all, the guy's more like the Grim Reaper's better-dressed brother than Mahatma Gandhi...

[The Dreaming - Walks Through Mist]
The Dreaming — Walks Through Mist
by Kim Murphy.
Witch trials in Virginia?   Salem wasn't the first...

Psychologist Shae Howard treats a patient who claims to recall nothing of the current century. Under hypnosis, Phoebe Wynne tells an astonishing tale of an ocean crossing to Colonial Jamestown, followed by near starvation and a daring escape to a nearby Indian tribe.

Although Shae's ex-husband, seasoned police detective Lee Crowley, is intrigued by Phoebe's story, he remains skeptical regarding her claim that she's from the seventeenth century. A Native American himself, he does, however, admit to feeling a kinship with Phoebe. How is it that she seems to understand his pain and anger at being caught between two cultures?

Phoebe shows Lee "the dreaming," which reveals a misty world where the Powhatan people and Colonial Jamestown come to life... and connects him to his own past. Is Phoebe delusional? A witch? Or has she indeed traveled through time?

[Whispers Through Time]
Whispers Through Time
by Kim Murphy.
On the Virginia Plantation Poplar Ridge, seven-year-old Sarah witnesses the murder of her father Geoff Cameron. Sarah refuses to speak, and drawings of her father's death become her only means of communication—until she reveals that Geoff continues to read her stories. Are the ghostly whispers a figment of a bereaved little girl's imagination, or can Sarah really speak to the dead?

The search for answers leads Sarah's mother, Chris, on a whirlwind journey through time. In the age of Reconstruction, Chris must unravel the web that binds Geoff's murder to the violent demise of his ancestor George Cameron. She leaves a diary for Geoff, hoping to break the chain of tragic events, only to find that Sarah holds the link between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Whispers Through Time is the sequel to the award-winning Whispers from the Grave.

[Whispers from the Grave]
Whispers from the Grave
by Kim Murphy.
The Virginia Plantation Poplar Ridge is sprawling, secluded, and foreboding. Chris Olson is immediately swept into its somber history and an inexplicable, electrifying passion for Geoff Cameron, her best friend's brother. Dreams of a Confederate soldier who strongly resembles Geoff and a haunting one-eyed scout cloud her mind further.

Through the eyes of the long-dead Margaret, Chris witnesses mysterious events shrouded in the conflict of the Civil War, until little by little, she uncovers Margaret's dark and terrible secret--and Geoff's connection to the enchanting woman from the past.

[Glory & Promise]
Glory & Promise
by Kim Murphy.
Glory & Promise is the triumphant conclusion to Kim Murphy's acclaimed Civil War saga. Occupied by Union forces, Fredericksburg lies in ruins. After four years of devastating conflict, two sisters are plunged into the turbulent world of the war's aftermath. Married to Colonel Samuel Prescott, Amanda struggles to maintain harmony in her home life, while Sam strives for order in the newly reunited country. But Alice has wed Amanda's former beau, William Jackson. With the demise of the Confederacy, Wil has lost his command and must finally face the haunting truth about his past. The guns on the battlefield have been silenced, but war rages within all of their hearts, ready to explode.

The first two books in the trilogy are Promise & Honor and Honor & Glory.

[Honor & Glory]
Honor & Glory
by Kim Murphy
 ForeWord Magazine 2004
Book of the Year
Bronze winner, Historical Fiction
In the devastating aftermath of the clash at Fredericksburg, opposing armies lie in wait for the spring campaign on the banks of the Rappahannock River. Two resourceful sisters are swept into the maelstrom--widening an ever-growing rift between family and loyalties. Betrothed to Major Samuel Prescott, Amanda sympathizes with the Union, while Alice struggles to find it within her heart to forgive the Northern forces that nearly destroyed her home. To make ends meet, she resorts to smuggling medical supplies for the Confederacy and falls in love with Amanda's former beau, Colonel William Jackson. Will the sisters follow a treacherous path to bloody justice? Or unsung glory?

Honor & Glory is the sequel to Kim Murphy's debut novel, Promise & Honor and is the second book in a Civil War trilogy; Glory & Promise is the final book.

[Promise & Honor]
Promise & Honor
by Kim Murphy
 ForeWord Magazine 2003
Book of the Year Award Finalist!
At the outbreak of the Civil War, Amanda Graham's husband dies a hero's death. Left with no source of income, she smuggles medical supplies for Lieutenant Colonel William Jackson and the Confederacy. Although a rogue, Wil is a man of courage and fiercely loyal to Amanda. Lieutenant Samuel Prescott, a soldier of honor and former comrade before the war, fights for the Union. As opposing forces move into Virginia, Sam clashes with Wil on more than the battlefield, when both men fall in love with Amanda. Torn by grief and loyalty, Amanda struggles with the harsh reality that her way of life has been altered forever by the growing storm...

Promise & Honor is the first volume of a trilogy; Honor & Glory is the second installment, and Glory & Promise is the final book.

by Catherine Karp.
In 1897, the growing women's rights movement marches valiantly toward the 20th century. But for Emma Brandenberg, the well-educated, much-younger wife of a popular Massachusetts mayor, equality seems a far cry from her stifling, often-violent marriage. During her darkest moments, she meets Freddie Ash, a nomadic ladies' hatmaker known for his own contributions toward female liberation--specifically, sexual liberation. With the brazen and beguiling hatmaker's help, Emma soon embarks upon an unforgettable journey toward love, independence, and fulfillment that will transform the lives of all around her...

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