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Whispers Through Time
by Kim Murphy
Whispers Through Time
Cover art by Mayapriya Long,
Bookwrights Design
Horse/Rider image © 2001 Charles Holley
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About the Author

On the Virginia plantation Poplar Ridge, seven-year-old Sarah witnesses the murder of her father Geoff Cameron. Sarah refuses to speak, and drawings of her father's death become her only means of communication—until she reveals that Geoff continues to read her stories. Are the ghostly whispers a figment of a bereaved little girl's imagination, or can Sarah really speak to the dead?

The search for answers leads Sarah's mother, Chris, on a whirlwind journey through time. In the age of Reconstruction, Chris must unravel the web that binds Geoff's murder to the violent demise of his ancestor George Cameron. She leaves a diary for Geoff, hoping to break the chain of tragic events, only to find that Sarah holds the link between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Whispers Through Time is the sequel to the award-winning Whispers from the Grave.

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ISBN–13: 978–0–9716790–7–8 (trade paperback)

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