Bygone Days

Book Title: Honor & Glory
Reviewed By: Kara Wolf [Honor & Glory]
Written By: Kim Murphy
Genre: Historical fiction/historical romance
Publisher: Coachlight Press
ISBN: 0971679061
Date: January 2004
Price: $14.95
Publisher s Web Site: Coachlight Press

Honor & Glory, the sequel to Kim Murphy’s excellent Civil War novel Promise & Honor, continues that superlative story with the feisty McGuire sisters and their beaus. Amanda McGuire has married her Yankee suitor, Samuel Prescott, creating a bit of a rift between the sisters, for Alice has not forgiven the Yanks for destroying her home. Alice finds herself drawn to Amanda’s old suitor, Wil Jackson, even to beginning to help him smuggle medical supplies across the border. The sisters must compete with the destruction of their homes, the ending of the war, their own jealousies and insecurities, and the fear that their men may not return each time they go away. This gripping emotionality pervades the novel, and makes it a genuine page-turner.

This story was so compelling every time I had to put it down I spent the intervening hours wondering what would happen next. It was, if I dare say it, better than the first novel, and I hope that the author writes another in this series. The McGuire sisters and their husbands are well-written, deep, complex, and engaging characters. The setting is deep and lovingly rendered, and it is obvious that the author has researched her history carefully. I cannot recommend this novel enough! If you like romance, history, and wonderful characterization, you will love this book.

Kara Wolf

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