Bygone Days

February 2004


Dear Readers, Writers, and fellow hist-fic fanatics,

Welcome to Bygone Days, the online magazine of historical fiction. Or perhaps we should say welcome back. We're pleased to premier at our own brand spanking new domain--it was time--but we'd like to thank Jean Lorrah, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and all the folks over at sime~gen for their support these past two years.

You'll notice a few changes 'round the old homestead, most notably a new electronic submission form that will streamline the process and keep our Missus Murphy--the technical brains behind the operation--from pulling her lovely hair out. We remain dedicated to well-crafted historical fiction, and as ever, we encourage you to submit your very best.

Of late we've had a few submissions that push the boundaries of what is traditionally considered 'historical': dream-time, far-away time that carries the flavour of myth, contemporary fantasy with historical flashback sequences... We're most encouraged by this. Provided the historical element is significant to the story, Bygone Days is open to all sub-genres. And of course we're still interested in well-researched articles and historical book and movie reviews. So don't be shy, hmm?

<startlingly loud intake of breath preceding Judy Garland bellow> MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, LOUIS--! Uh--ehem. Meet us in the past.

  Ebulliently yours,
K.A. Corlett

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