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Bygone Days had its beginnings as a small part of the Sime~Gen site. Now, it is hosted by Coachlight Press.

Editorial Staff

K.A. Corlett is a genre alchemist of novels, short stories, and spoken word poetry. Gold? Pfah-give her silver with lots of tarnish. Having slain Sir Masters of History, she is currently recuperating with flesh wounds in eighteenth century France. When she's not busy with all that, she meditates in a lonely tower room, pouring over esoteric tracts and awaiting a publisher to ravish her first novel, EVER YOUR SERVANT. Her matron muse is the many-armed Goddess Kali, so watch out.

Laura Mazzuca Toops is a Chicago-area writer and teacher with three books in print: A Native's Guide to Chicago's Western Suburbs (Lake Claremont Press), The Latham Loop, and Slapstick (Amber Quill Press). She is a 21st century anachronism who doesn't belong in this time or place. A collector of vintage clothing, 78 rpm records and memories, she teeters on the edge of sanity by balancing her mundane present-day life against the vague memories of the fun times she had back in 1927 in New York, Chicago and another body.

Kim Murphy created her first short story soon after forming the letters of the alphabet. Her novels, PROMISE & HONOR along with the sequel HONOR & GLORY are current releases from Coachlight Press. Set during the U.S. Civil War, they are romantic historicals (not historical romances). Presently, she is working on the final book in the PROMISE & HONOR trilogy. She makes appearances in period attire at museums, libraries, bookstores, and Civil War reenactments. In her spare time, she occasionally reviews for the Historical Novel Society.

Kara Wolf was born in Illinois, grew up in Virginia, and has traveled all over the east coast. She attended Hollins University, planning on getting a degree in English, but a job offer in Florida derailed that. She is currently living with her husband and pets in Tallahassee, Florida and is working on a novel with her best friend. She's been doing book reviews for over 3 years now, and reads each book as if it were the first. She loves historical fiction, fantasy, and a good romance.

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