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Book Title: Gudrun's Tapestry
Reviewed By: Kara Wolf [Gudrun's Tapestry]
Written By: Joan Schweighardt
Genre: Historical fiction
Publisher: Beagle Bay Books
ISBN: 0-9679591-3-6
Date: April 2003
Price: hardcover, $16.97
Publisher s Web Site: Beagle Bay Books

Gudrunís Tapestry by Joan Schweighardt is an earthy Nordic tale of love, betrayal, destiny, and magic. The story of Gudrun, her beloved Sigurd, the valkyria Brunhild, and Atilla the Hun is really two stories in one--the tale of how Gudrun becomes a wife, mother, and then an avenging angel, mixed in with the love story between herself and Sigurd. Itís well-told, and even though the author uses flashbacks, she never confuses her readers. The character of Gudrun is lovingly drawn, and it is quite easy to become one with her, live in her head and love and hate as she does. Her hatred for Atilla, and her reasons for hating him are drawn clearly.

The author introduces us to Gudrun as she begins her quest, carrying a cursed sword to Atilla, hoping to bring him down. We share Gudrun's isolation with her, as she waits to hear how Atilla will react to this strange woman bearing a magical war-sword. We meet Edeco, who becomes her only ally in this new place. After establishing Gudrunís place, we then find out some of her history, how she came to possess the sword, and the path that led her to believe she was the only one who could save her people. How she finally saves them is the rousing conclusion to this grand tale.

I highly recommend Gudrunís Tapestry. It is a sweet love story, an amazing tale of revenge and most of all, the story of an intelligent, brave, selfless woman. It is a well-written novel, and the story of Gudrun touches the heart in a way only the really good books do. Definitely, read this book.

Kara Wolf

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